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Filming of the Fifth Season of Doctor on Call

While the fourth season of the ‘Doctor on Call’ medical drama series gains more and more popularity on Ukraine TV channel, the filming of the fifth season continues.

Pavlo Maschenko, the director of the film, tells that new season will include a detective line, connected to nurse Sofia. There will also appear some new characters and surprise love stories with the involvement of doctors Irodiada and Nadiya.

The 4th season of the series is on air from Monday till Tuesday at 12:30 on Ukraine TV channel.

‘Doctor on Call’ is a drama series about four emergency doctors. Each has a story of choosing medicine as a career path and own treatment methods. Somebody gives his all to work, and someone else still manages to reconcile favorite profession and personal life. These four are no superheroes, but they are people performing heroic feats 24/7 because they save human lives.