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Love in Chains 3: 10 facts about the new season of period melodrama The filming of the third season of epic period melodrama

The filming of the third season of epic period melodrama Love in Chains is now completed (project from FILM.UA Group and STB channel). Here go some fun facts and figures about the new season. 

Season statistics 

Seven months and 11 days, three seasons (autumn, winter and spring), 120 shifts, including night ones – this is how long the filming of the third season lasted.

Main plot twists 

Love will be the driving force of the third season: in new episodes, seven love stories will be told, two of them through characters’ flashbacks. Besides, the fans are in for three stories of treason and several powerful stories of social downfall.

Number of actors 

Over a thousand actors was involved in filming, including those playing bit parts. There are more than 100 permanent actors, and over 30 principal ones. 

Iconic locations

Just like two previous ones, the new season was filmed in the most famous Ukrainian locations: Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Ivan Honchar Museum, Uvarova’s and Zaytsev’s mansions (Kyiv), Kachanivka historical and cultural reserve (Chernihiv), Pyrohovo museum of Ukrainian folk architecture and households, Pereyaslav, Radomysl Castle historical and cultural complex (Radomyshl), etc.


Most of the third season is set in the characters’ houses and mansions. About 70 per cent of living-rooms were filmed in FILM.UA pavilions where thanks to art directors fashionable and wealthy interiors of the second half of the 19th century were re-created. The group worked in two pavilions simultaneously where different sets were built. 

Fashionistas of the season

If in the first two seasons the most fashionable and elegant outfits were seen on Natalie Doroshenko, in the third season this title was passed to a new character, Kyiv gentlewoman Rogneda Bezus. She has the biggest amount of outfits, most of which are real works of art!

Among men, Stefan Yablonevsky has a lot of chic clothes, with a great diversity of costumes (from wealthy gentleman’s wear to soldier uniforms).

Outfits: in meters and cost

Up to 15 meters of fabric was used on some puff dresses with a crinoline. The outfits were made of velvet, taffeta, silk, satin, etc.The minimal cost of such costumes starts from 15,000 UAH and goes up. Besides, a dress with a crinoline and corset weighs at least ten kilos (and more).

All female protagonists have costumes with handmade embroidery. Another fact: a craftswoman spent over two weeks embroidering the outfit of Kateryna the protagonist with lace and beads.

Dance of the seven veils

Actress Maria Mashkova performs herself the dance of the seven veils based on a story from the Bible about Salome and her dance for King Herod. To dance it, the actress worked with a choreographer. Besides, she had to wear a very complex and heavy costume consisting of chains, metal, stones and pearls.

The ball

The scenes of the ball and the auction were filmed at night not to drape the windows. And four nights in a row the actors whirled in a dance, and the group filmed this process. About 100 actors were involved, in primary and secondary roles. Besides, the members of historical reconstruction club were engaged when filming the ball scenes: it was them who choreographed the dances and actively enjoyed them as well.


The protagonists did not wear wigs, false beards and moustaches – they grew their own, but still the make-up rooms of Love in Chains have a whole collection! They were prepared for alternates. In total, 50-60 beards, 150 moustaches and 100 pairs of sideburns were used, in different shapes and hues.