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The Red Queen Drama Series on INTER TV Channel

‘The Red Queen’, a 12-episode drama series, will be demonstrated on INTER TV channel from Monday, June 4th, till Friday, June 8th.

The series was highly appreciated by the Ukrainian and international audience. Since ‘The Red Queen’ appeared on Amazon in 2016, the series made it to TOP 100 Amazon most watched videos for several months.

Synopsis. She was referred to as “Soviet Sofia Loren” and “the most beautiful Kremlin weapon”. She was admired by Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior, and Federico Fellini. But who was the Red Queen for real? Was she the queen of the catwalk or a KGB agent seducing foreign diplomats? How did she manage to succeed and what was the price she had to pay?

The life of Regina Zbarskaya, the most famous USSR model and the first Soviet model to become a celebrity in the West, is full of mystery and drama…