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All the episodes of Step Dan series to be demonstrated on STB TV channel on May 4th

On May 4th on STB TV channel all the 16 episodes of ‘Step Dan’ dramedy will be demonstrated. The release will last from 9.30 a.m. till 17.30 p.m.

Step Dan is based on the original idea from South Pacific Pictures, part of the all3media group.

Synopsis. At the heart of the story is the relationship between the two main characters, Dan and Tina. They meet in a bar under unusual circumstances, but with entirely usual consequences: a date, a one-night stand, and no strings attached – which suits them both perfectly. But the climax of their romantic evening is unexpectedly interrupted by the appearance of three children and a severe older woman. After a short but heated exchange, it becomes clear that these are Tina’s children and mother-in-law, and that Tina and Dan are 15 years apart in age! Dan’s first impulse is to flee as far as he can. But things are not so simple. Having avoided serious relationships in the past, Dan realizes that this time, he has fallen in love. Can a 24-year-old guy be a step-father to three kids? How will 39-year-old Tina’s friends and acquaintances react to such an obvious mismatch? And will Tina be able to cope with the immaturity of her boyfriend’s friends – not to mention the fact that her new potential mother-in-law is an old school friend?