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Trust Me Melodrama Filming Finished

The filming of the four-episode melodramatic series ‘Trust Me’, that lasted around one month in Kyiv region, is finished. The editing of the film will be finished in July. WTW Films Limited is the producer of the film on Ukraina TV channel’s request. The premiere of the film will take place on Ukraina TV channel.

This series tells a story, how hope changes the reality and helps to get out of the most difficult situations. The main characters go through this path themselves.

The director of the film is Iryna Hromozda, known by ‘Dr. Baby Dust’, ‘Step Dan’, and ‘Greek Woman’ series.

Synopsis. A young woman comes in a small provincial town. She doesn’t talk much about her life and escapes communication. Soon, it turns out that 10 years ago she was a completely different person.