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Triumphant premiere of Dr Babydust 5 medical drama

The premiere broadcast of the fifth season to Dr Babydust medical drama on Ukraina TV channel has been completed with excellent rankings! FILM.UA series became the leader of evening prime time by all main audiences!

During all five weeks of premiere broadcast from January 4 to February 4 the project kept its leading position in the slot; during the last week of February 1-4 the share of the series exceeded that of the TV channel by 19-45% for all main audiences:  18-54 (50+), 18+ (50+), 18-54 (Ukr) and 18+ (Ukr).

The average coverage per episode amounted to 3 million 229 thousand viewers, and the average ranking and viewing share are the following:  

18-54 (50+) 2.85% and 9.9%; 18+ (50+) 6.68% and 18.2%; 18-54 (Ukr) 3.63% and 11.8%; and 18+ (Ukr) 7.07% and 18.9%, respectively.

We thank the viewers who followed the characters’ lives and the plot twists with interest.

We also congratulate project team, series partners and everyone who worked on Dr Babydust 5 on great results.