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Love in Chains period drama broadcast in Japan

Love in Chains epic period drama (by FILM.UA and STB channelhas been on air of Ginga (Japansince February 3.

Love in Chains keeps conquering new territories and winning over the hearts of TV viewers in different countries. Since the beginning of February, Japan residents have been following the destiny of Kateryna Verbytska, a serf.

On Ginga TV channel, the project is broadcast under the title 囚 わ れ の 愛 (CapturedLove), in the original language with Japanese subtitles. The project page has a lofty and striking design, with photos and episode-by-episode synopses.

Before the start of broadcast, the TV channel released a trailer available at this link.

“Love in Chains perioddramaspursgreatinterestamongtheresidentsofdifferentcountries and territories. We are delighted that project geography has been expanded to Asia,” says Yevhen Drachev, international sales manager.

Besides, since January 29 LoveinChainshas been broadcast by Izaura TV in Hungary; the series bears the title SZERELEM RABSÁGÁBAN (Enslaved by Love).

In spring, the period drama will be broadcast in SouthKoreawe’ll reveal the details very soon.

Just a reminder: after the grandiose success in February 2019 on STB, LoveinChainskeeps conquering the international market. In July 2019, the series was hugely successful on TVP1 in Poland. The project was aired in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus. The broadcasting rights were also sold to Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Latin America and the Balkan countries. Last summer the series was sold to Spain and became the first Ukrainian multi-episode drama acquired by a Spanish TV channel, with the premiere in December on Divinity. As for North American audience, they can watch Love in Chains on Amazon Prime.