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Love In Chains is finally airing on the Hungarian TV!

The premiere of the series started on January 29 on Izaura TV.

In the Hungarian broadcast, the 48-episode drama is called SZERELEM RABSÁGÁBAN.

And in the spring the premiere of Love in Chains will take place in South Korea, and we will tell mowe all about it soon. The trailer is available at the link.

Let’s remind that Love In Chains has premiered at the end of December 2020 in Spain on the Divinity TV channel and earlier in Poland, Czechia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus. The rights for broadcasting are also sold in Japan, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Latin America territory, and the Balkans. Love In Chains is available on the most popular VOD-service – Amazon Prime for North American viewers.


Synopsis: Kateryna is beautiful, clever and by the will of her godmother was raised as a lady of noble blood. But for the whole world, she is only someone else’s property, a bondmaid of the richest landowner in Nizhyn – Chervinskyi. Struggling for her freedom and the right to be happy, she will have to endure the deaths of her closest people, become the property of a woman who hates and dreams to kill her, survive the popular uprising, escape while being chased by a maniac and flee from the one who wants to get her above all. What awaits Kateryna at the end of such a terrible and exhausting path to freedom?

Cast: Kateryna Kovalchuk, Oleksiy Yarovenko, Stanislav Boklan, Olha Sumska, Mark Drobot, Olesya Zhurakovska, Mykhailo Havrylov, Kseniya Mishyna and others

Director: Felix Gerchikov, Maksym Lytvynov

Directors of photography: Serhiy Revutskyi, Oleksiy Lamakh

Producers: Natalia Nikiforova, Andriy Ryzvaniuk

Creative director: Tala Prystaetska

Scriptwriters: Olha Krzhechevska, Tala Prystaetska, Victoria Adzhavi, Valentyna Shevyakhova, Svitlana Tsyvinska, Anatolyi Rudenko, Emin Bekir-Zade, Albina Ilchenko, Iryna Pimenova

Artists: Oleksandr Batenev, Olesya Trofymenko

Costume designers: Dmytro Kuriatа, Antonina Belinska, Daria Poshtenko

Make-up artist: Liliana Khoma