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A good start for Dr Babydust 5: series a slot leader by three audiences

Premiere broadcast of Dr Babydust 5 continues on Ukraina TV channel.

During the second premiere week, Jan 11-14, the series became a slot leader by three audiences: 18+ (50+), 18-54 (Ukr) and 18+ (Ukr), and the project share exceeded that of the channel by 40% (18+ (Ukr)).  

Most importantly, the growth rate is very active, and the numbers show that our project has significantly overtaken its competitors. 

The coverage by episode amounted to 3 million 25 thousand viewers (4+ (Ukr.)), with the following average rankings and shares: 2.66% and 9.0% for 18-54 (50+); 6.56% and 17.6% for 18+ (50+), 3.66% and 11.9% for 18-54 (Ukr), and 7.09% and 19.0% for 18+ (Ukr), respectively.  

During the previous week the medical drama ranked first in TOP 20 programs of the day by 18+ (50) and 18+ (Ukr) audiences. 

We congratulate the project team on high rankings and wish the new fifth season of Dr Babydust to become iconic!  


Directors: Maksym Gulenko, Pavlo Maschenko

DOP:  Volodymyr Ostapets

Producers: Iryna Kostyuk, Yulia Mischenko, Olena Makhanyok  

Screenwriters: Yulia Mischenko (head writer), Iryna Feofanova, Olga Krymska, Olena Tereshkova, Mark Shparber, and others.  

Art director: Natalia Bartash

Costume designer: Maria Matsanyuk

Cast: Petro Rykov, Darya Yegorkina, Darya Legeyda, Kateryna Tyshkevych, Pavlo Vyshnyakov, Oleksandra Bulychova, Vitalina Bibliv, Oleg Ivanytsya, Maria Kononova, Oleksandr Popov, Olena Mykhaylichenko, Lyudmyla Kurmel, and others.