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HIDE AND SEEK sold to Walter Presents on US and Canadian territories and to RAI on the territory of Italy

ZDF Enterprises announced the list of new territories the viewers of which will soon see HIDE AND SEEK, a Ukrainian noir detective series; they are Germany, the USA, and English-speaking Canada and Estonia.

In the US and Canada, HIDE AND SEEK will be premiered on Walter Presents streaming service. HIDE AND SEEK is the first Ukrainian project available on the platform, and we are happy that it has been selected for premiere in North America, a new and important territory for the service.

As for the German TV channel to premiere HIDE AND SEEK, we’ll reveal its name a bit later. For now it is known that the series will be dubbed in German. After the premiere on TV channel, the rights for streaming on a local VOD platform will be unlocked.


About the project

Synopsis. In a regular apartment, father and daughter play hide-and-seek. Closing his eyes, the father starts counting, “One… Two… Three… Four… Five…” He is looking for the girl but doesn’t find her. The apartment is locked from inside, and neither the child nor the father left it during the game. Understanding that the girl has disappeared for real, father goes to the police. Later a video is published on the Net where the disappeared girl is holding a sign with a mysterious combination of numbers. It is obvious that the child has been kidnapped, and this is just the first victim.

Director: Iryna Gromozda

Producer: Viktor Mirsky

Creative producer: Olesya Lukyanenko

Co-producer: Kateryna Vyshnevska

Executive producer: Andriy Rizvanyuk

Cameraman: Sergiy Krutko

Genre: thriller, detective story, criminal drama

Cast: Yulia Abdel Fattakh, Petro Rykov, Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, Oleksandr Kobzar, Mykhaylo Troynik, Yakiv Kucherevsky, Oleg Moskalenko, Valeriy Legin, Yevgenia Gladiy, Oleksandr Sokolov, Volodymyr Zayets, and others.