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Shooting of "Romancing The Detective" is Finished

The shooting lasted for two months longer because of quarantine - from February till August.

About the project

In recent past, Lada Koshkina, the TV series main character, has been a police investigator, then a bodyguard, and now she is a successful private detective.

The TV series contains 8 films of two episodes. Its filming is directed by Alina Chebotareva and Oksana Taranenko.

Each film is a separate detective-family story telling how the main character will help her clients get out of difficult criminal and life circumstances. At the same time, Koshkina has her own private life - eventful and confusing...

Cast: Evgenia Serebrennikova, Pyotr Nesterov, Prokhor Dubravin, Sergey Korshikov, Slava Krasovskaya, Vladimir Kovbel, Alexander Mironov and others.

Directors: Alina Chebotareva, Oksana Taranenko

Directors of photography: Konstantin Vorobyov, Maxim Bayev

Producers: Victor Mirsky, Yuriy Morozov, Elena Malkova, Anna Skok