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On October 14, on Ukrainian Defender Day, 1+1 TV channel will broadcast Cherkasy military action drama.

Cherkasy is a Ukrainian feature directed by Timur Yaschenko about the defense of a ship with the same name, a mine-sweeper blocked by Russian troops in Donuzlav lake in March 2014 during the annexation of the Crimea.

“On Ukrainian Defender Day,1+1 audience will have a great opportunity to watch the first ever feature about Ukrainian Naval Forces. I hope that this film will touch everyone who sees it because it was made to ask questions, very important and challenging ones. I hope for discussion, either public or internal. First of all, this is a film about the brave team of Cherkasy mine-sweeper put in a very complicated, almost hopeless situation in the Ukrainian Crimea in 2014. Besides, this is also a film about regular people, young guys, all of us, Ukrainians, choice, self-identification and revival of nation,” says Timur Yaschenko, film director and co-screenwriter.


SynopsisIt is February 2014. Occupation of the Crimean peninsula is starting. Cherkasy mine-sweeper is coming back to the base but the port is already lost. Together with other ships of the Ukrainian fleet, it is blocked in Donuzlav lake as the way to the sea is closed off by sunken ships.  The story is based on real events about the last ship in the Crimea that resisted and continued its courageous fight.  

Director: Tymur Yaschenko

Cameraman: Yuriy Dunay

Producers: Marta Lotysh, Iryna Klymenko

Screenwriters: Tymur Yaschenko, Robert Kvilman

Genre: military action drama

Art director: Oleksiy Velychko

Sound directors: Volodymyr Tretyakov, Farid Mbaydin  

Composer: Anton Baybakov

Vocals: Катя Chilly Group 432 Hz

Editor: Oleksandr Chorniy

Makeup artist: Maria Pilunska

Costume designer: Daria Kochneva

Co-director: Daryna Lukashenko