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Filming of the fifth season for Dr Babydust started

Just like before, the action is set in a private gynecological clinic. We’ll see our favorite characters and meet new ones, ob-gyns will be saving infants and their moms right in front of our eyes as well as reconcile some couples. Love and family values will again become the theme of the season.

The new season of Dr Babydust will surprise its fans. It is very dynamic, with lots of unexpected turns,” said Yulia Mischenko, project showrunner, describing the new season.

Oleksandr Rodionov, an attractive and reliable ob-gyn, is on call again. In the end of the previous season, the heart of our favorite doctor was broken, and in the new episodes we’ll find out whether Natalya Tymchenko comes back to him.  

We wish every success and captivating shifts to the team!  We’ll be informing you about fascinating stuff happening on the set.

The premiere of the new fifth season of DrBabydust medical drama will take place on Ukraina TV channel.


The project was made by:

Directors: Maksym Gulenko, Pavlo Maschenko

DOP: Volodymyr Ostapets

Art director: Natalia Bartash

Costume designer: Maria Matsanyuk

Producers: Iryna Kostyuk, Yulia Mischenko, Olena Makhanyok  

Screenwriters: Yulia Mischenko, Iryna Feofanova, Olga Krymska, Olena Tereshkova, Mark Shparber, and others. 

Cast: Petro Rykov, Darya Egorkina, Darya Legeyda, Kateryna Tyshkevych, Pavlo Vyshnyakov, Oleksandra Bulychova, Vitalina Bibliv, Oleg Ivanytsya, Maria Kononova, Oleksandr Popov, Olena Mykhaylichenko, Lyudmyla Kurmel, and others.