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Ukrainian Brand Lvivske Supported The Rising Hawk Film

Lvivske TM, one of the most popular Ukrainian beer brands, will be the film premiere’s partner, as the brand and the film both share the same values.

“We are proud that Ukrainian film industry is developing at impressive speed and attracting more and more viewers to the cinema. The Rising Hawk immerses us into rich Ukrainian culture. It is a story about uniting of our people, which deserves attention. Love for your land and coming together of a nation, respect for traditions and culture are the main values of Lvivske brand so this is why this partnership is so important for us. We are happy to become a part of the most epic Ukrainian film!” – said marketing director of Lvivske Anton Panasenko.

‘The Rising Hawk’ film will be released on October 10th 2019.

Synopsis. The year is 1241. The Mongol horde lead by cruel khan Burunda moves west, destroying everything in its path. Reaching the Carpathian Mountains, the troops camp right below. However, at night several local hunters, the Berkut brothers, secretly enter the camp and free the hostages. Consumed with rage, the khan decides to take revenge and destroy the Carpathian settlements. A traitor amongst the locals tells the Mongols about a secret passage inside the mountains. Nevertheless, a small group of mountain hunters lead by Zakhar Berkut has its own plan to stop the enemy horde once and for all.