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Second Filming Block of Pulse Sports Drama Started

The second part of ‘Pulse’ sports drama shooting has begun in Kyiv. This block will content many sports and training episodes and will last until mid-July. The third and the last block is scheduled for September.

“We have been really looking forward to the start of second filming block. Unlike the first one in the pavilion, the second only will mostly take place outdoors. Last week we had our first filming day when we worked on a dynamic scene of stadium run. Despite terrible heat it was incredible, the team and actors put all their hearts into it! And I believe that it’s great that we’re doing this in summer; we have a chance to convey the real ambience in the stadiums under the scorching sun, and this is what sport is about,” says director Sergiy Chebotarenko.

The release of the film is planned on January 30, 2020.

Synopsis. Due to a terrible car accident, a young Ukrainian track-and-field athlete Oksana suffers numerous grave injuries and almost loses her eyesight. But after long rehabilitation and return to incredible training she wins a gold medal at Paralympics in Beijing.