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Shooting of Women’s Secrets Melodrama Series Started

The filming of twelve-episode melodrama drama ‘Women’s Secrets’ has recently started in Kyiv. The director of the new project is Maksym Meheda.

As he says, ‘Women’s Secrets’ is a strong, powerful melodrama with an additional social context. “We all meet different tough situations in life, when we should make an important choice. The main characters of the film fall into a trap of such situation. We and our audience are very familiar with this kind of problems. So, I’m sure that it will be interesting to follow the plot”, – tells Maksym.

The filming will continue until the end of the summer.

Synopsis. Marta is active and modern 30-years-old woman working as a psychologist in a college. She has a boyfriend Tim, who is a promising writer. Their relationships are fine, but Tim don’t want to ask Marta to marry him until his first book will be published. Is this a rational approach or a cold-blooded business? The situation gets worse when a young college student Julia asks Marta for help…