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Hide And Seek Criminal Drama Goes to MIPDrama Buyers Summit in Cannes

The project became the first Ukrainian series that passed a competitive selection of MIPDrama Buyers Summit in Cannes. It overcame a huge competition and made it to ten finalists of the summit featuring the most anticipated series projects at the market.

Choosing the finalists, the jury evaluated production values, originality, and worldwide appeal of the projects. ‘Hide and Seek’ became the finalist together with 9 series, created on request of BBC One, Netflix, and other famous content market players from Norway, Finland, New Zealand, England, Italy, Spain, and France.

At the event, the first work-in-progress materials of the drama will be exclusively demonstrated to 450 leading global buyers.

Synopsis. In a regular apartment father and daughter play hide-and-seek. The father is looking for the girl but cannot find her… Later a video appears on the internet where the gone girl is holding a sign with a mysterious combination of numbers. The child has been kidnapped, and this is just the first victim. Several more children go missing in the city.

Detectives Varta Naumova and Maksim Shumov set out on a seach. Varta is a new face in the department; she is reserved and aloof. Maksim is easy to talk to, but he only seems simple. Both characters experienced tragedies in the past which they haven’t managed to get over. To find the children, they have to deal with their demons first.