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The Last Goodbye

Genre: melodrama
Type: series
Year: 2017
Status: completed
Production: FILM.UA Group, TV channel "Ukraine"
Running time: 2 х 45 min
Director: Andrey Chernykh
Producer: Viktor Mirsky, Natalia Strybuk, Irina Chernyak, Elena Malkova, Tatyana Nosenko
Director of photography: Aleksey Lamakh
Scriptwriter: Olga Kulagina

Ksenia Romenkova, Konstantin Samoukov, Valeria Khodos, Malvina Saliychuk, Maria Trepikova, Andrey Fedinchik, Aleksandra Polguy, Igor Petrusenko, Nina Antonova, Inna Kapinos, Andrey Romaniy, Lyudmila Ardelyan, and others. 

One hot summer day, 24-year-old Andrey saves a drowning schoolgirl Vera. The girl falls in love with her savior, but he only sees a small shy girl in her. Soon, Andrey leaves for the city and marries a woman his age. Vera is left with his drawings, a medallion, and Jim the puppy they saved together. Years have passed, and from an awkward girl Vera has turned into a successful and beautiful woman; she started her own business and got married. Still, she is not happy. One day, Vera meets Andrey in a veterinary clinic but does not reveal she is that same Vera. However, problems with business and her husband’s betrayal destroy her well-arranged life. And when things get rough, Andrey comes to the rescue just like many years ago.