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Twist of Fate

Genre: melodrama
Type: series
Year: 2016
Status: completed
Production: FILM.UA Group
Running time: 40 х 44 min
Director: Aleksandr Tymenko, Maria Tkacheva, Eva Strelnikova
Producer: Ekaterina Shvets, Irina Kurchakova
Creative producer: Vladimir Melnichenko
Director of photography: Alexey Kalin, Aleksandr Shylov, Yevgeniy Klyushnik

Mila Sivatskaya, Yevgeniya Rozanova, Denis Vasiliev, Oleg Gaas, Anna Adamovich, Valeriy Afanasiev, Kirill Zhandarov, Olga Sumskaya, Dmitry Surzhykov, Olesya Zhurakovskaya, Victor Saraykin, Nina Kastorf 

This is a story about two sisters finding themselves in different families after their parents’ death. Katya grew up healthy and wealthy in her grandfather’s house, while her younger sister Olga has lived in poverty and misery. Olya got run over by a car and lost her memory. The car’s driver wanted to hide the crime, thus he accepted the girl in his family as a dependent and gave her a new name. After many years fate brings the two sisters together again, but this time as antagonists, in love with one and the same man. Will Katya and Olga recognize each other? And who of them is Vadim truly in love with? Insidious intrigues, family secrets, love and hatred, revenge and forgiveness, struggle for life… What other tests has their fate prepared for them?