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Genre: melodrama
Type: series
Year: 2015
Status: completed
Production: FILM.UA Group, AVK production
Running time: 4 х 45 min
Director: Anario Mamedov

Yekaterina Volkova, Dmitry Miller, Yulia Sules, Oleg Akulich, Aleksandr Rappoport, Cecile Pleget, Yuriy Gorin, Irina Chipizhenko, Yevgeniya Chirkova, Irina Grishina, Nikita Manilov, and others

The life of Anna Saburova, a 40-year-old attractive woman, may seem ideal to an outward observer: she lives in a luxurious suburban house, her wealthy professor husband loves her to bits, and their cherished son studies in a prestigious Moscow university. Everything crumbles in an instant when Anna’s husband dies before her eyes. Afterwards Anna finds out that he lost a big sum of money to a certain underworld boss. The debt must be repaid urgently, as her dear son’s life is at stake. Help is not to be expected. Anna becomes closer to Marina, her husband’s daughter from the first marriage and her former friend. Marina offers the following solution: to sell her father’s house and to move to a shared apartment. Unwillingly, Anna complies, not suspecting that Marina has got a plan…