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Two Lives

Two Lives

Genre: melodrama, crime
Type: series
Year: 2017
Status: completed
Production: FILM.UA Group
Running time: 12 х 44 min
Director: Sasha Kirienko
Producer: Victor Mirsky, Olesia Lukyanenko, Elena Lisnyak
Director of photography: Alexey Tsvelodub
Scriptwriter: Yevheniy Hryhorenko

Elena Radevich, Vitaliy Kishchenko, Kirill Zhandarov, Nodar Dzhanelidze, Sergey Radchenko, Alexey Grishyn, Malvina Saliychuk, Sviatoslav Zhmurko, Yana Sobolevskaya, Oles Katsyon


TV series (up to 16 series), Teletriumf 2018

Angela is a typical jeunesse doree.  Her father, a successful businessman, gave her everything she ever wanted. But Angela is sure she has been deprived of the vital thing: her father’s love. She is suspicious of him to be accessory to her mother’s death, and she sees him as a menace to Dima, her fiancée. When Dima gets lost just before their marriage ceremony, Angela is sure her father has everything to do about it. She steals secret documents and gives them away to the police. The girl is aware her father is never going to forgive her and asks for shelter under witness protection program. But as soon as she finds herself in a provincial town, with a new passport and with no means of support, Angela finds out, horrified, that there has never been any witness protection program at all. The girl has just been used in someone’s smart game, and it is definitely not her father who rules it all...