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The Stronghold

The Stronghold

Genre: fantasy, аdventure
Type: theatrical feature film
Year: 2017
Status: completed
Production: Kinorob
Running time: 111 min
Director: Yury Kovaliov
Creative director: Vlad Odudenko
Producer: Egor Olesov, Yury Prylypko, Vladimir Lokotko
Director of photography: Yury Korol
Scriptwriter: Sashko Dermansky, Yury Kovaliov, Yaroslav Voytseshek
Danyil Kamensky, Eva Kosheva, Roman Lutsky, Oleg Voloshchenko, Olexander Komarov, Georgiy Dereviansky, Slava Krasovska, Natalia Sumska, Erzhan Nurymbet, Erbolat Toguzakov, Ivan Denysenko, Oleg Mikhaylyuta (Fahot)

During a solar eclipse, a regular boy Vitko finds himself a thousand years back, in Kyiv Rus, in the midst of a deciding battle between good and evil. He has a magic stone which gives him power, and strong knights he read about in books are by his side. However, black magic and a whole army headed by a giant stone monster are against them. Now only the boy’s bravery will decide if the light overthrows darkness and the future turns out the way we know it.