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Nikonov & Co

Nikonov & Co

Genre: detective
Type: series
Year: 2015
Status: completed
Production: FILM.UA Group, Mamas production
Running time: 16 х 45 min
Director: Zaza Buadze, Taras Tkachenko
Producer: Victor Mirsky, Alexander Bogutsky, Alla Lipovetskaya, Marina Kvasova
Director of photography: Alexander Zemlyanoy
Scriptwriter: Grigory Khovrakh

Alexander Kobzar, Mikhail Kukuyuk, Marina Koniashkina, Robert Feldman, Oleg Primogenov, Antonina Makarchuk

During a firefight, a 38-year-old investigative department officer Sergey Nikonov (played by Alexander Kobzar) suffers a grave spine injury. Sergey’s legs are paralyzed; he can get around only in a wheelchair. To get distracted from his personal tragedy and to overcome depression, Sergey organizes an unofficial department investigating criminal offenses, which functions right in his apartment.