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The Red Bracelets

The Red Bracelets

Genre: drama
Type: series
Year: 2016
Status: completed
Production: FILM.UA Group, AVK production
Running time: 12 х 46 min
Director: Natalia Meshchaninova
Producer: Olga Volodina, Elena Kotunova, Victor Mirsky
Director of photography: Evgeny Tsvetkov
Scriptwriter: Liubov Mulmenko, Irina Kachalova, Natalia Meshchaninova

Anna Mikhalkova, Evgeny Tsyganov, Darya Moroz, Alexander Ilyin, Olga Sutulova, Madeleine Dzhabrailov, Karolina Grushka, Maria Shalaeva, Andrei Kazakov, Sergei Yushkevich, Vladas Bagdonas, Stepan Devonin, Sergei Udovik. Kids: Philip Ershov, Azamat Aliyev, Kuzma Kotrelev, Denis Paramonov, Gleb Kalyuzhny, Stasya Miloslavskaya

Children’s unit in the hospital occurs as a model of the world, where teenagers accept the real life challenges, make difficult decisions, become friends and fall in love with each other. There is no pathetic drama in the story of young patients, on the contrary it is told lightly, touching, and even funny, praising the life itself.

“The Red Bracelets” is an adaptation of the original “Polseres vermelles”, a Catalan drama series, aired in Spain in 2011. Since then the series has become extremely popular all over the world, 9 territories are currently adopting the format.