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The Hellene

The Hellene

Genre: melodrama
Type: series
Year: 2015
Status: completed
Production: FILM.UA Group
Running time: 60 х 45 min
Director: Igor Zabara, Irina Gromozda, Maria Tkacheva
Producer: Victor Mirsky, Anna Bezludna, Egor Benkendorf
Creative producer: Olesya Lukyanenko
Executive producer: Ekaterina Shvets
Director of photography: Matvey Shulgin, Markiyan Kanyuka, Viacheslav Rakovsky
Scriptwriter: Bella Pribylova, Ivan Ugarov

Olga Grishina, Anton Feoktistov, Olga Sumskaya, Victoria Litvinenko, Alexey Fateev

Tania Kulikova works at a small-town museum as a guide. Once she meets Grigory, a handsome, smart and wealthy art-historian from the capital and marries him soon. But the future does not seem so bright, as Tania has to deal with the authoritative mother-in-law, who is totally against her son’s choice.

Is Tania strong enough to find her path to the happiness, through the road full of betrayal, suffering and disappointments?