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Personal Record

Genre: melodrama, detective
Type: series
Year: 2014
Status: completed
Production: FILM.UA Group
Running time: 60 х 44 min
Director: Vladimir Melnichenko, Igor Zabara
Director of photography: Alexey Lamax, Pavel Nebera
Scriptwriter: Alexey Timoshkin

Tatiana Emelyanova is a smart and attractive woman. She has just been appointed as a criminal court judge in a major regional center of Russia. Now she is responsible for the fate of the people, saving face, and besides - she is raising her son alone. Every day she faces a number of questions that may seem unresolvable. Fidelity to principles, honesty, and incorruptibility, a sincere desire to reach bed-rock and to find a right solution in the most difficult and complicated cases...That's what differs her from some of her colleagues as well as prosecutors and lawyers.

However, apart from her work, she will also improve her personal life.