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A Diary of Domestic Abuse

Genre: docudrama
Type: TV program
Year: 2013
Status: completed
Production: FILM.UA Television
Running time: 65 х 40 min
Director: Dmitry Seredin
Producer: Victor Mirsky, Tatiana Nosenko

Docudrama series based on real events.

Any pain and suffering has a devastating affect on the victim especially when caused by someone close to them – a partner, a parent. A fortress we call home suddenly becomes a polygon for violence and abuse. When trying to escape this violence people display incredible resilience and courage proving once again that life itself weaves the most unbelievable scenarios.

The social docudrama “A Diary of Domestic Violence” uses fact-based re enactment of real events as told by the witnesses and participants of the tragedies. Our experts, lawyers and psychologists, offer comprehensive solutions to domestic abuse.