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The Chimney Guest

Genre: melodrama
Type: TV movie
Year: 2012
Status: completed
Production: FILM.UA Group
Running time: 90 min.
Director: Anatoliy Mateshko
Producer: Roman Balayan
Executive producer: Alexander Moskalenko
Director of photography: Vasiliy Borodin
Scriptwriter: Nikolay Rybalka

Maria Shukshina, Andrey Fedortsev, Aleksey Cherevatenko, Irma Vitovskaya, Andrey Saminin, Andrey Isayenko, Andrey Derbin, Anastasiya Mateshko

SHE is a district attorney, SHE is trapped in a never-ending sequence of days. It’s been five years since SHE lost her beloved husband.

Soon, however, SHE notices someone’s presence in her apartment: things get broken or rearranged while SHE’s away…Is SHE losing her mind? Or is it her dead husband trying to get in touch with her? That’s what her friend keeps telling...

And then SHE gets in contact with her husband’s spirit and, oh miracle, he answers. SHE sees proof everywhere…and SHE’s happy again, SHE’s with the love of her life even though he’s just a ghost.

And then HE appears. Or rather falls down a chimney shaft. HE’s a fugitive, framed for the murder HE didn’t commit. HE’s been in contact with her this whole time. So SHE helps: SHE defends him and wins the case. Somewhere along this emotional roller-coaster SHE lets go of the past pain, her dead husband and finds peace. HE, her chimney guest, will still be there when SHE starts over with a clean slate…