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Dr.Baby Dust

Dr.Baby Dust

Genre: drama, melodrama, medical
Type: series
Year: 2012
Status: completed
Running time: 40 x 44 min
Director: Alexander Parkhomenko, Anton Goyda
Producer: Mokhammed Zakhur, Yuriy Morozov, Victor Mirsky
Creative producer: Vladimir Issat
Director of photography: Pavel Nebera, Artem Vasiliev

Ilya Noskov, Alena Iakovleva, Natalia Kazantsev, Olesia Vlasova, Andrey Finyagin, Oleg Ivanitsa, Vitalina Bibliv, Sergey Kalantay, Andrey Pavlenko, and others.

Dr.Shyrokov is an exceptionally talented Doctor who goes above and beyond for his patients. His bright future in medicine is practically written in the stars. Yet he gives up on his career and accepts a residential position in a suburban hospital. But soon enough Fortune itself deals him a hand. A newly opened fertility center welcomes the young prodigy with open arms. However, working there is not all smooth sailing. While wrestling with work-related problems, he goes on doing what he does best – treating infertility. But is it all there is to it? It seems that every success, every newborn he so graciously delivers, underlines his unwavering status of a childless father. The one patient he failed is his own wife. Shyrokov has dwelled on this profound loss, fighting a battle where all the odds seem to be against him ever since…