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My New Life

Genre: melodrama
Type: series
Year: 2011
Status: completed
Production: FILM.UA Group, OKSANA BAYRAK studio
Running time: 4 х 45 min
Director: Oksana Bayrak
Producer: Victor Mirsky
Director of photography: Aleksey Tsvelodub

Larisa Shakhvorostova, Andrey Bilanov, Dmitry Miller, Regina Miannik, Liubava Greshnova, Igor Shvydchenko, Maria Valeshnaya, Vladimir Goryansky

“My New Life” is a melodramatic story about how the world of 40-years old Slava ruins in a moment: her husband leaves her for young mistress, her daughter says Slava is guilty of ruining her private life and Slava’s best friend confesses in betrayal.  Last 15 years Slava was busy with making her home cozy and make the life of her closest people comfortable, believing they would be grateful to her. But now it seems like her family and friends see nothing to be proud of in Slava’s personality or things she’d done. Slava is in despair, but all of a sudden a man appears in her life. He would be able to help Slava to start  a new life, he would give her love and become the dearest man in the whole world. The film was shot not only in Ukraine, but also in Latvia, on the Baltic coast.