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Tsiolkovsky’s Worlds of Miracle

Tsiolkovsky’s Worlds of Miracle

Genre: docudrama
Type: documentary
Year: 2011
Status: completed
Production: FILM.UA Group, Signal Red
Running time: 44 min
Director: Igor Gritsik
Creative director: Eugene Sannikov
Producer: Sergey Sozanovsky, Victor Mirsky
Creative producer: Oksana Maidanskaya
Director of photography: Alexey Tsvelodub
Scriptwriter: Oleg Gershkovich, Oksana Maidanskaya

Оleg Stalchuk

“Tsiolkovsky’s Worlds of Miracle” is a documentary of a popular genre of docudrama, giving an account of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky’s life and work.

A man ahead of his time, pioneering research into cosmic space Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, an author of unique works on aerodynamics and aeronautics that have been widely recognized and acclaimed the world over. He was the first theorist and advocate of the space exploration.

While focusing on landmarks of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky’s biography the film is abundant in CGI special effects visualizing discoveries made by the genius – his concept of the Solar System, the physics of the Moon, weightlessness, wind tunnel, “space elevator”, his unequalled dreams and fantasies that have gradually, step by step, turned into fundamental discoveries.