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Waiting List

Waiting List

Genre: drama
Type: series
Year: 2011
Status: completed
Production: FILM.UA Group, SHPIL
Running time: 12 х 52 min
Director: Andrey Chernykh (“Bayazet”)
Producer: Maxim Ukhanov, Victor Mirsky
Executive producer: Alexander Moskalenko
Director of photography: Mikhail Markov
Scriptwriter: Alla Krinitsina

Nikita Salopin, Mariya Anikanova, Daria Volga, Daniil Spivakovsky, Ivan Oganesyan, Fedor Chernykh, Irma Vitovskaya, Lesia Samaeva, Igor Savochkin, Rodion Galiuchenko, Alexey Shemes, Olga Filippova, Roman Ageev

Every day someone dies and every time there is a choice whether the death of one human would become a hope of life for another…

The transplant clinic doctors fight for someone’s life every day, and their private concerns could turn into a death sentence for the patient in surgery. Their honed movements decide between life and death; there is no room for personal feelings here. Red tape and suspicious law enforcement, personal dramas and concerns, doubts and fears have to stay behind the door to the operating theater so that the doctors could save yet another life.

Each episode is a separate story about the lives of Grokholsky’s transplant clinic medical staff. The series raises very important social and medical issues, but at the same time not overloaded with highly specialized information. The main storyline is primarily about the twists and turns of human fate.